Henko A&T is located in Weert, the Netherlands and is one of Europe's leading companies specialized in supplying tools, equipment and products designed specifically for the installation of synthetic turf.


Henko A&T is known as the technology leader in the market. For example, we develop our own glue for synthetic turf. We have different kinds of glues in our range of products, e.g. 2-components glue for all weather conditions but also 1-component glue.
If you need glues for other applications than synthetic turf, we definitely have a suitable solution. Recently we started developing and producing parquet glues, and we are still busy developing new kinds of adhesives.

Apart from glue we also supply different kinds of adhesive tape as well as self-adhesive tape.

Henko A&T supplies tools for all kinds of synthetic turf fields, for sports, landscape and many other professional applications.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: +31(0)495 633010



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